Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marco Vargas & Chloé Brulé, 'Colección Privada'


          I was a little bit disappointed in this show.  I had never seen these two dance, and they received an award for most innovative show at the Bienal four years ago.  I had seen videos of their performance from four years ago, and couldn't wait to see their newest work, since they utilize modern dance and are indeed very innovative.  However, this show became quite repetitive and a little bit boring.

          They both have stunning technique and an incredible rapport with one another.  I feel like I can sum up the show like this: they would dance in unison, then one of them would continue dancing while the other would walk away; often, they would grab a hold of the other's limb and pull away from each other creating tension in the shapes their bodies were making.  The variety of ways they could puzzle piece themselves together was notable, but there was no overall dynamic.  Indeed, the title is fitting, as it felt as if they were living in a private world into which we were never invited.  In that way, they continued dancing and whether or not we chose to watch was up to us--nothing about the show drew me into their intimate world.

         The ending was a bit abrupt.  I had been hoping there would be some large build in energy--maybe some footwork into a grand finale, but instead they walked to the center of the stage and simultaneously looked out at the audience and the lights bumped to a blackout.  The audience seemed unsure if that was the end, and the applause was a bit slow and delayed.  Overall, the dancing was beautiful but the show was lacking form.

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