Friday, September 14, 2012

Something new every day...

I never realized until today that I do not know how to hang laundry on a clothes line.  I guess back in the day that was as necessary as knowing how to boil water.  Well, now I know I guess, or I figured it out :)

Here's my clothes hanging out to dry!

No one in Spain has a clothes dryer.  You hang your clothes on the roof or in the winter on a clothing rack inside.  So I found myself this morning hauling my soaking clothes up to the sunny roof of my building and then staring at the basket of clothespins and the basket of clothes and not knowing quite how to begin.  I don't have an efficient system down, but maybe in a few months....All in all, I looked around at some of the clothes on other roofs and my laundry looked just like them, so I guess that's a sign of success.  And the clothes were dry in just a couple hours--hooray for the hot Andalucían sun!

A view looking out from the roof.  

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